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  2. Get down and dirty in London with the hottest ribs in town
Get Down And Dirty in London With the Hottest Ribs

Get down and dirty in London with the hottest ribs in town

Get your mind out the gutter and onto the menus of some of London's rib-iest restaurants instead. American cuisine is massive all over the world (both literally and metaphorically), and of course, here in London that's no exception. There are American takeaways all over the city - so which to pick?

A good rib place is pretty unbeatable, and the secret is often found in the marinade. Each of these London faves is popular for its impressive flavours, transAtlantic menu choices, and all the food you can possibly manage on your plate.

Up and down the country, from Bristol to Birmingham, people are falling in love with American food - and thanks to ribs, things are a whole lot juicier than your average burger!

1. Chicago Rib Shack: Baby Back Ribs

Ah, a classic. You can't go wrong with Baby Back Ribs, and thankfully, Chicago Rib Shack is no exception to that rule. The clue's in the name - these guys know a lot about America, and a lot about ribs! Taking the name from the fact that Baby Back Ribs are shorter than other kinds, this means that you can pack even more flavour into each one (they're glazed with BBQ sauce, FYI). They're pretty lean as far as ribs go, but they're not lacking in that great taste. Serve 'em up!

2. Dirty Bones: Beef Short Rib

This whole place is New York City inspired, but it's less of those big apples, and more of those big ribs! The Beef Short Rib - to be exact - from Dirty Bones, will not disappoint. Now, this is where things get interesting. Eschewing from the traditional BBQ sauce, this place pulls a real "Manhattan" move in really shaking things up. Their salted caramel and burnt onion BBQ sauce is bang on trend, and when topped with shallots and spring onions, too, your tastebuds won't be able to disagree.

3. Ribs & Burgers: Beef-Meaty Rib Plate

If you want to make a meal of meat, Ribs & Burgers lets you do exactly that. Each of its rib plates comes with a hearty helping of apple cabbage salad or chips. Served alongside their special BBQ sauce, you'll have everything you need to imagine you're right there in the USA. You can even order a beer or two to go alongside it all!

4. Red's True BBQ: St Louis Ribs

Red's True BBQ has a bit of a cult following around the UK, and in fact, they even call their followers "disciples". If you want to worship at this meaty altar, you've got an array of amazingly tasty dishes to try - but none quite so divine as these, the St. Louis Ribs. Influenced by the cuisine of the famous city along the Mississippi River, these ribs are especially tender and meaty, which is just the way we like them. Cut from the spare rib, they are then served dry rubbed, with especially intense seasoning. Meet me in St. Louis? Nah, these are only coming from Shoreditch!


Heading to America would be awesome, but let's be honest... it's a bit of a way to go, isn't it? When you're dreaming of their dining, get it to your doorstep instead on Deliveroo.

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