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  2. Take A Walk On The Wild Side With These Funky American Hot Dogs
Want A Break From Burgers? Try These American Hot Dogs Instead

Take A Walk On The Wild Side With These Funky American Hot Dogs

Remember when hot dogs came in tins or from dubious looking high-street stands on Saturday nights? Well luckily that's all changed: the importation of this grand sausage means the noble American hot dog has been elevated to where it belongs. Now it's a true gourmet treat – as long as it's in the right hands. The last few years have seen a real explosion of American takeaways either specialising in these meaty treats or giving them an even more prominent position on menus that used to be dominated by burgers. Here are just four prime examples – enjoy!

1. Deputy Dog - Oh My Dog

They might call it the Deputy Dog, but we think it should be promoted to chief. Oh My Dog have certainly gone the extra mile in putting this one together. Centre stage is one of their famous heritage pork frankfurters nestled in a semi-brioche bun. Then they go double pork with a good serving of the North Carolina pulled variety. Finally, melted cheese and their trademark OMD sauce complete the dog. The result is one heck of an example of how just a little imagination can go really long way.

2. Small Eye Dog - Bubbledogs

Another place where they've got pretty inventive hot dog-wise is down at Bubbledogs. Again, it's all focused on a prime pork sausage but it's what they add to it that makes the biggest impression. In the case of the Small Eye Dog, it's an exotic mix of distinctly eastern flavours including pickled veg, chillies, coriander, toasted peanuts and spicy sriracha mayo. The flavourful result is the sort of fusion food that you just can't help falling in love with. But if it's the plain and simple you crave, their Naked Dog – served just as nature intended – is quite a showstopper too.

3. Mexican Dog - Roadster California Burger

Even if what you crave is some classic US fare there's no reason why you shouldn't also make a break for the border. Courtesy of Roadster California Burger, you'll find it's a pretty spicy road south when you treat yourself to their Mexican Dog. American chilli cheese and jalapenos provide the heat while avocado guacamole does its best to cool things down a little. In true Mexican style, this combination is the perfect balance of spicy and filling.

4. Mac and Cheese Dog - Hot Diggity Dog

We've seen how the humble hot dog has been rescued in recent times and the classic mac and cheese is another old favourite that's come right back into fashion. It's popping up on menus everywhere and even has pride of place at Hot Diggity Dog. Like the name suggests, this prime pork sausage is generously topped with luscious and creamy mac and cheese. Caramelised fried onions add tangy touch to cut through the silk. All we can say is, it's a match made in heaven!

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