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5 All-American Foods You’ll Find In London

5 all-American foods you’ll find in London

Putting the dude from Man v. Food in employment and giddy smiles on faces everywhere, burgers, dogs, fried chicken and barbecue meaty meats make the USA the global leader of comfort food.

Delivering the best American food London has to offer in an average of 32 minutes, we'll make you go from 'glum' to 'yum' in the time it takes to put your slacks on (elasticated waist compulsory). Here are just a few drool-inducing options…

1. US Cheese Burger, The Diner


The Burger: the all-time winner of most loved food ever. The Diner hits you with a sublimely just-greasy-enough patty slapped inside a soft bun, with obligatory burger memorabilia like cheese and pickles. Boom up in your face.

2. Boston Lobster Roll, Fraq's Lobster Shack


Who knew the perfect synthesis of high and low culture came slathered in mayonnaise? Fraq's lobster rolls are stuffed with meaty chunks of fishy goodness, wrapped up in dough bun duvets and spooned by tangy mayo.

3. Ribs, Shack 68


Shack 68 dish up big honking xylophones of ribs smothered in just SO MUCH glossy BBQ sauce. You'll be gnawin' on them meat sticks like you're playin' the harmonica.

4. Joe's Southern Kitchen


Fried chickiddy chick chicken – we love you so. Joe's Southern Kitchen's chicken is juicy like Ashanti and piled high in buckets. You'll want to get one of those nose buckets horses wear and fill it with the stuff.

5. Hot Dog, Big Apple Hot Dog


Big Apple Hot Dog gives you sausage-in-a-bun joy like you've never had it before. The best frank since Sinatra, popped into fluffy dough and caressed with pickles, mustard and the rest.

Producing food you want to fill a swimming pool with, then eat your way out, this isn't a cutlery job – this is a gobble gobble on the sofa situation. Make sure those sofa covers are removable though, cause after you're done they'll need a good spin cycle.

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