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The Sushi Dictionary - a Beginners' Guide to Eating Your Way Around the Conveyor Belt

Food trends change all the time and it can be difficult to keep on top of what you should be eating. But one thing's for sure: a great sushi restaurant never goes out of fashion. Sushi is a versatile way to eat - equally great for those on-the-go lunch cravings as it is for a night in with friends in front of a the TV. It can be baffling, though. There are so many names for this Japanese dish and it can be difficult to tell your nigiri from your futomaki. But fear not, hungry reader - our quick guide will decipher the essentials and make you look like a sushi expert in front of your mates.

1. Sashimi = fish, no rice

You'll find that the best sashimi will be a generous serving of fresh slices of fish - with the most popular being tuna and salmon - and perhaps even some beef tartar. Sashimi makes a great snack for those trying to cut carbs out of their diet, so when your friend Suze decides to go keto for the third time this month you've got things covered. A selection of options is to be found on the menu at Suito, including Octopus sashimi as well as some more pedestrian fish. And, if you're in the mood for a little meat, you could always try the seared beef.

2. Maki = roll

This may seem simple, but there are so many different types. Maki is probably the image your mind conjures up when someone mentions sushi: the main ingredients wrapped in rice wrapped in seaweed. Hosomaki is the smallest kind and its ingredients usually pack a bit of a crunch, such as crispy salmon skin or cucumber. Futomaki are the largest kind of maki and the literal translation is "fat rolled sushi". Try Tsubaki in Brick Lane for Spider Futomaki: soft shell crab and avocado are complemented by a Japanese fish roe called tobiko for a wealth of exotic and authentic flavour.

3. Nigiri = to grab

That's a literal translation and it's how you should eat it: pick it up and turn it fish side down to dunk in soy sauce. Perfect Nigiri is hard to come by, simply because sushi rice is such an art. Too loose and it'll fall apart before its even reached your mouth. Too hard and even the soy sauce won't melt the rubbery texture. You can recognise nigiri as a rectangular portion of rice with fish expertly balanced on top. For something classic and simple, try the pole and line caught Tuna Nigiri from Abokado. It's really popular at lunchtime, though, so get your order in early!

4. Temaki = hand roll

For our final dictionary entry, we have large pieces of seaweed wrapping various fillings. Temaki usually contain fish and rice but restaurants often have their own signature hand roll. They're great if you're on the go and, if you like crispy seaweed, you'll love temaki. Yoobi on Oxford Street describe themselves as London's first 'Temakaria' and they serve up an array of delicious flavours. Their Black Tiger Prawn Temaki serves as an indulgent lunchtime treat.

Sushi is a really versatile way of eating. There are plenty more components to get your head around, but with these basics, you can certainly order with confidence at Deliveroo!

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