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  2. Meatless meals & veggie cuisine: the Beginner's Guide
Meatless Meals & Veggie Cuisine: The Beginner's Guide

Meatless meals & veggie cuisine: the Beginner's Guide

We've all read about the health benefits of skipping meat in some of our meals, and it can also be good for our wallets, too. It's even become a bit of a trend to plan in a day or two a week to have no meat at all, even if you have no intention of becoming a full vegetarian.

But what if you like the idea, but fear that meals without meat will lack flavour and be boring? If you're used to having some meat on your plate at every meal, it can be hard to imagine how meals without meat can be tasty.

If that sounds familiar, now's the time to get inspired and try some of your favourite dishes, minus the meat. If you're worried about whether your home-made veggie versions of chilli, lasagna, and burritos will lack substance and flavour, perhaps it's best to start your foray into veggie dishes by trying expertly cooked versions that you can order in.

Thanks to the growing numbers of people having meatless days and to the increased percentage of the population who are full-time vegetarians, there are now great vegetarian restaurants across the UK, from Hull to London.

Try any of these dishes and you'll soon see that veggie meals can be just as satisfying as their meaty cousins.

1. Sizzlin' Chilli

Why not try a Vegetable Chilli Chimichanga cooked by the team at Acapulco? As well as a delicious chilli made with fresh veg, sweet potatoes and beans cooked in a spicy sauce, you get the added texture contrast of it being served in a deep-fried tortilla. Add some sour cream and guacamole and you have a fantastically flavoured chilli with no meat in sight!

2.Beautiful burritos

Pancho's Burritos is the place to go if you're looking for interesting and varied burrito options. While Pancho's caters to meat-eaters and omnivores, they also have a wide range of veggie options. We recommend the Vegetarian Magnifico Tofu Fajita Burrito. Made with tofu that's been marinated in a special fajita sauce and then cooked with bell peppers, onions and sweetcorn, this is a burrito that's packed with flavour. There's also a vegan version of the same dish.

Alternatively, choose just the filling without the burrito, and pick a home-cooked vegetarian chilli or tofu fajita burrito bowl instead.

3.Lovely lasagna

If you're picturing a lasagna without meat, your thinking may be limited to a mix of veggies cooked in a tomato sauce with lasagna sheets and cheese sauce. Yes, that's definitely a possibility if you order Vegetable lasagna at Mister Lasagna, but there are so many more. Try the Pumpkin and Blue Cheese lasagna, or maybe the Aubergine lasagna. Alongside the traditional meat-based lasagnas, there are plenty of different veggie lasagnas to choose from here, and none of them will leave you feeling that you've missed out on having meat.

Whether you're considering going vegetarian or you just see yourself as a "meat-reducer", now's the time to try one of your favourite dishes in its vegetarian guise. Check out Deliveroo's local vegetarian options near you.

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