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  2. BBQ Season Doesn't End In Winter: Not Here In Sheffield
BBQ Season Doesn't End In Winter: Not Here In Sheffield

BBQ Season Doesn't End In Winter: Not Here In Sheffield

Look, if there's one thing that we can all agree on, it's that a winter up North is more than a bit cold! So, it stands to reason, then, that you'll need a bit of warming up - and that's where a good, old-fashioned BBQ comes in.

Now, we know what you're thinking; a BBQ is summer food, right? Not anymore. The selection of American takeaways in Sheffield proves everything to the contrary, and you're going to love what the food here has to say.

Best BBQ Restaurants In Sheffield

We've made a bit of a list. Whether you want burgers or steak, BBQ boxes or sides, Sheffield has it all!

1.  Smoke Barbecue: Brisket Plate

Combining true American BBQ classics, this Brisket Plate from Smoke Barbecue contains brisket (obviously), burnt ends and brisket hash. Each of these meats have been rubbed and then smoked for up to 18 hours. Not enough on your plate? Why not go for Mac & Cheese as a side. Yet another indulgent, American classic that we just can't get enough of - and nor will you!

2.  The Common Room: Mockin' Bird Dirty Slaw

Vegans have been left out of the BBQ party for way too long, so that's about to change here in Sheffield thanks to The Common Room, who offer food as ethical as it is delicious. Made from a vegan-friendly chicken substitute, seitan, there's nothing wicked about it except for the fact it's wickedly good. In true Southern USA style, this is served alongside gravy and greens - just like with real fried chicken.

3.  OHM: Ohm Stack Burger

An 8oz beef patty, crispy bacon, mature cheddar, and southern fried chicken breast... could a burger get much better? Actually, yes, it can - because the Ohm Stack Burger from OHM also comes topped with onion rings on a toasted brioche bun as well. They also have plenty of sauces, too. BBQ sauce is our pick of the day because it's so fitting with the theme...

4.  Red's True BBQ: Red's Pulled Pork

You may have noticed but we kind of worship at the church of Red's True BBQ around here. But how could we not? Red's Pulled Pork is the perfect combo of smoky and meaty and there's plenty to go along with it, too. You'll feel like you're in America itself, especially when you see the sides and sauces they have on offer, too. They have not one, not two, but like... eight BBQ sauces on their menu, and then there's the pit beans, skin-on fries, mac & cheese, slaw and cornbread as well. This is the closest you'll get to authentic BBQ from the USA, right here in the UK!


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