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  2. The Battle of the Big Buns - Beef Burger Versus Chicken
4 Burger Battles Where Chicken and Beef Go Head to Head

The Battle of the Big Buns - Beef Burger Versus Chicken

When we think of burgers, our minds automatically conjure up an image of a rich, juicy slice of beef encased in a bread bun. We can perfectly picture the cheese dripping down its sides, the hint of green and red from its iceberg lettuce and tomato toppings, the yellow of sauce. But is it possible that chicken could actually be a better alternative to the original? It's not so beyond the realms of possibility and, with fried chicken growing ever more popular, there's a lot to recommend it. But does it have the edge? Will it ever? Let's take a look and see what we think!

1. Chicken burgers are a healthier option

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Okay, we're not suggesting that chicken burgers are a superfood, but they are better for you than a traditional ground beef alternative. Leaner, lower in calories and saturated fat and less likely to cause obesity and related health problems, they're definitely the better option if you're watching your weight or trying to improve your diet. Luckily, that doesn't take anything away from their flavour, as demonstrated by the delicious Chicken Jenga from Burgers & More – a succulent concoction of seasoned chicken strips, halloumi, fresh rocket and beef tomato served in a brioche bun, with dressed salad and French fries on the side. Sounds seriously good, doesn't it?

2. Beef burgers are full of flavour

Chicken burgers may win in terms of their nutritional benefits, but we have to say that beef burgers have the edge when it comes to taste. Although both can be beautifully prepared and full of flavour, there is just something extra juicy about the original, with the 14oz Stack from the Handmade Burger Co acting as a perfect case in point. A magnificent marriage of four beef patties, American cheese, fried onion, HBC sauce, mayo and lettuce, this leviathan lunch is pretty hard to beat!

3. Chicken burgers tend to be cheaper

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We know price means little to a committed foodie, but it's nice to save some pennies when you can and chicken burgers are definitely the more economical alternative. Poultry costs far less to purchase than red meat, but this definitely shouldn't be taken as a reflection on quality. If you want indefatigable proof of that, you need do nothing more than order the Dirty Bird from Dirty Burger Chicken Shop. Combining butter fried chicken with chipotle mayo, it's one truly tasty steal!

4. Beef burgers are better for indulging

By the same rights, it's also true that beef burgers are the more indulgent option. It's the same as putting roast chicken breast beside a big, juicy steak – when you want to treat yourself, you'll always choose the latter. This is something restaurants recognise, which is why there are so many supersized options around for when you're craving a meat fix. Our favourite example has to be the mighty ten-ounce Black Angus Burger from Sophie's Steakhouse: an impressive mountain of steak burger and all the trimmings in one full to bursting bun.        

So, it turns out that our final tally is two all. Surely the only way to resolve it is to order these dishes from Deliveroo and decide for yourself?

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