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Deliveroo’s Back to Work Survival Guide

Deliveroo’s back to work survival guide

Getting back into your routine after a holiday is never easy, we know. But with something delicious delivered, Deliveroo's got you covered when you're heading back to work. Here's our survival guide to get you through those first weeks back.


If jet lag has set in, or you just want a few more minutes in bed before hitting the commute, we've got your back.

The breakfast sandwich – The Naughty Egg, Canterbury

On that first morning back at work, sometimes all you need is a runny egg, crispy bacon and some juicy sausage to get you through. But no one's really got time to cook up a storm before work, so how about a Full English from The Naughty Egg? Or, for when you need something to grab and go, an Egg and Bacon bun is the one. It's the perfect remedy to post-holiday blues.

The desk breakfast – Pure Breakfast, London

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Put your alarm on snooze and ended up missing breakfast before work? If you need something to get you going before that early morning meeting, you could get breakfast al-desko from Pure Breakfast. A toasty Bacon & Egg wrap should perk you up, or how about a protein pick-me-up with a pot of Super Eggs? We can even bring it to your office for you.

Working lunch

Has catching up on loads of emails eaten up your morning? If you haven't even had time to think about going out for food yet, we can bring it straight to you. Whether you want to eat at your desk, or need to grab a few more rays in the park before getting back to reality, we can sort you out.

Pho for when it's cold outside – Pho, nationwide

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Missing that constant sunshine already? This will help. A fragrant bowl of hot and spicy pho from Pho is like summer in a bowl. With just that right kick of heat you'll feel like you're back in the sun – even if the weather's looking a bit grim on your first day back.

Sandwiches in the sun – Bouche Bakehouse, Stratford upon Avon

It might not be the Med, but that local park near work is just as good when the sun's out. For a few extra drops of summer, take your lunch outside. How about a panini from Bouche Bakehouse? You have to try their Figgy Piggy; it's blue cheese, mozzarella, bacon and fig jam. With a panini like that in the park, all those other picnic-goers will regret bringing their packed lunch.

Dining at your desk – Magic Wrap, Cardiff

If you've spent your summer in Spain, you'll miss all that rich, smoky chorizo already. But even if you're having to dine at your desk at lunchtime, you can still have a throwback to that restaurant you loved at the resort. Get a wrap like The Balboa from Magic Wrap, packed full of Mediterranean flavours. Spicy chorizo, olives and sun-dried tomatoes, it's almost as good as being back there.

Poké bowls in the park – Ahi Poké, London

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Can you get more summery than a poké bowl? All those colours, the freshness of raw salmon and a little kick from chilli mayo, it's the perfect dish to get to the park. So for a laid-back lunch in the sun that'll take your mind off your inbox, how about a Heat Wave from Ahi Poké?

Salads for a back to work health-kick – Pinkmans, Bristol

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Hit that all inclusive buffet hard this holiday? If you're on a health-kick, you can't beat a salad to help you feel refreshed. But healthy food doesn't mean rabbit food, and that's where Pinkmans comes in. With a light and bright Salad Box you'll feel back to your best in no time. And why not get one of these delivered to the park for an extra pick-me-up?

Picnics on your break – Friar Street Kitchen, Worcester

Being back at work shouldn't feel like work. So when you've got the time, make the most of it with a picnic in the park on your lunch break. Something summery, like a Kitchen Super Salad from Friar Street Kitchen is a great way to catch some sun. Or for a ready-made picnic, try one of their Picnic Boxes and enjoy a bit of me-time.

Treats for your team

Turning your "out of office" off is hard to do. But the chances are, some of your work mates are in the same boat. So why not cheer up your team with a few afternoon treats. There's no need to rush out when it's raining though, we'll bring them to you.

Cakes to make the day great – The Cakery, Royal Leamington Spa

Have you and your team been clock watching since lunch? Stick the kettle on, take a few minutes and order in some little cupcakes to brighten your afternoon. A selection of dainty treats, just like The Cakery's cute little cupcakes, will be enough to brighten everyone's mid-afternoon mood.

Wings to make it right – The Orange Buffalo, Brighton

When all you need is wings, The Orange Buffalo is your go-to. If you start dishing out some sticky hot wings to your work mates when they've just come back from their holiday, you'll be guaranteed office legend status in an instant.

The weeknight dinner after work

You made it! That first day back wasn't so bad, right? You've definitely earned something delicious. But if you don't feel like firing up the stove tonight, we'll take care of dinner.

After work burgers – MuMu, Northampton

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If you've had one of those days when you just want everything, you need to check out MuMu. A Feast for One – we're talking a proper stacked burger, chips, mac & cheese bites, mozzarella & jalapeño dippers and onion rings – will put that first day back behind you.

Calzone for a night in for one – The Shack Revolution, Hereford

For those nights when you just want to slump on the sofa in your PJs after work, you need a calzone. That giant pizza pocket, filled with gooey cheese, tomato and all the fillings – just like a loaded calzone from The Shack Revolution – is the best way to unwind with a good movie on the box.

Food to remind you of your holiday

What's the one thing we all miss the most about coming back from a holiday? The food, obviously. Even if you can't bring that paella back with you, or stash some pad thai in your suitcase, we can at least help you recreate it.

Missing Mexico? – La Casa Loco, Rugby

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If your summer was spent sipping Margaritas at sunset and sampling all the local street food, you can still get those vibrant Mexican flavours at home. For the days when you're not quite ready to get back into your routine, you need to try a Chimichanga from La Casa Loco. That deep-fried crispy parcel, packed with lightly spiced fillings and loads of creamy guacamole will bring the best bits of your holiday to a weeknight in.

Thai of your life – Coconut Bar & Kitchen, Reading

Coming home from Thailand and leaving all that amazing food behind must have been tough. But if you've got something as tasty as a Thai Green Curry from Coconut Bar & Kitchen to come back to, things don't seem so bad. When you discover a dish this good on your travels that you just can't wait to find at home, it's proof that some holiday romances last longer than a couple weeks.

For more great dishes to help beat the back to work blues, check out what's cooking on Deliveroo.

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