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  2. Avocado - the superfood that is showcased in London’s sushi dishes
Avocado - the superfood showcased in London’s sushi dishes

Avocado - the superfood that is showcased in London’s sushi dishes

When you think about ordering sushi, what's your first thought about the flavour? Nine out of ten would think about the fishy nature of many sushi dishes, but that doesn't take account of a whole host of other fillings that sushi comes with.

One mainstay of sushi rolls of all shapes and sizes is the humble avocado, the unassuming green vegetable (or is it a fruit?!) that's packed with healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals such as potassium and magnesium.

While you might love the flavour and texture of an avocado, how often do you actually prepare one at home? One thing that's off-putting about buying them in the supermarket is that you never know whether you'll choose one that's just right and ripe enough to eat, or if it'll be too hard or too soft.

Let the restaurants worry about the picking and the preparation of the avocado; all you need to do is decide which of London's sushi bars you're going to get your avocado fix from.

1. Green Veggie Inside-Out Maki

The Green Veggie Inside-Out Maki at Sushi 54 is a perfect dish to showcase the creamy and nutty flavour of avocado. Inside-out maki rolls (also known as California rolls) are said to have been introduced in the US as a way of preventing novice sushi eaters from peeling off the seaweed you'd usually have on the outside of a sushi roll. So in an inside-out maki, there's the filling, then the seaweed, then a further layer of rice and sesame seeds or rice with seasoning.

The green veggies in this particular inside-out maki are avocado, cucumber, and rocket. A perfect choice for anyone who's looking for vegetarian sushi.

2. Yasai Maki

Makizushi translates to something like rolled sushi. And that's what you get whenever you order maki. The usual wrapping material is nori seaweed but it can also be soy paper, a paper-thin omelette or cucumber that does the wrapping. The Yasai Maki at Sen Nin sushi bar is a vegetarian roll that's wrapped in cucumber and avocado, along with a pickle radish. The roll is divided into six pieces so it's perfect for a lunchtime snack or to order with a couple of other sushi dishes and share with some friends.

3. Avocado Hosomaki

Avocado is a great option for a sushi filling. Not only does it taste great but, with its sticky consistency, it holds together well next to the rice so you're unlikely to lose the filling at any point from plate to mouth! The Avocado Hosomaki rolls at Sushimania are rice rolls wrapped in seaweed, with avocado as the central feature filling, of course. You'll get six pieces.

4. Brown Rice Avocado Sushi Roll

If normal sushi isn't healthy enough for you (by the way, it's pretty healthy stuff!), then make it even more so by ordering some brown rice sushi rolls with avocado from Feng Sushi. Not only do you get the goodness of brown rice but there are also healthy fatty acids in the avocado. A delicious, convenient lunch that is packed full of good stuff!

It's safe to say that, in the world of sushi, avocado holds a centre-stage position as one of the most popular fillings. Get your avocado hit today and order some sushi from Deliveroo.

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