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5 Options For Spicy Valentine’s Day Nibbles In Glasgow

Quirky Asian Fusion In Glasgow - Spice Up Your Valentine's Night In

Love is in the air, but you forgot to book a table. Or maybe you simply prefer to gaze adoringly at each other at home. Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all the pressure it's cracked up to be - why not cosy up on the couch? You might fancy something substantial, in which case you might take inspiration from these fancy fusion burgers. But nothing will keep your taste buds and your relationship fired up like Glasgow's Asian fusion nibbles and Deliveroo has rounded up four favourites to bring right to your door.

1. Amber Regent – Steamed Scallops

What did you think we meant by steamy sharers? The menu at Amber Regent features three unique scallop combinations to suit all palates: maybe a rich, hearty black bean sauce is your thing, perhaps your date is more of a sharp and fiery ginger kind of person. Alternatively, you could meet Lady-and-the-Tramp style over fine vermicelli noodles, in true Valentine's Day spirit. Or dip into all three! After all, it's a special occasion and tonight is all about sharing.

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2. Dragon I – Stornoway Black Pudding Spring Rolls

Black pudding is a stable in Scottish dining, spring rolls a popular choice for an Asian carry out. But Dragon I have gone above and beyond with their Asian fusion offering and are presenting valentines all over Glasgow with black pudding spring rolls: traditional Stornoway black pudding is encased in crispy batter and smothered in the sweet tang of Thai chilli sauce. Remarkable ingredients all brought together in a match made in heaven – just like you and your date. Black pudding will never be the same again.

3. Temaki – California Rolls

When sushi made its way from Japan across the Pacific to the US, it took on a new fusion character that has become one of the most popular choices on the sushi menu today. Temaki is ready to bring you the best in creamy avocado encased in sticky rice and crispy seaweed, whether you and your date are seasoned chopstick pros or will be sharing a laugh as well as the food.

4. Wagah Grill House – Chicken Tikka Nachos

Get the best of Glasgow City Centre from the comfort of the couch. Wagah Grill House has constructed the ultimate in fusion and Deliveroo will bring it to you and your loved one. Melted cheese, hot jalapenos, fruity salsa and a chicken Tikka twist: there is no dish like nachos for sharing. Find love between layers of saucy flavour and crisp tortilla chips.

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5. Chaophraya – Mango Meringue

Is that a doughnut or a meringue? Well, it's a meringue but it's not the typical Glaswegian favourite you know and love - it's so much more. Nothing says Valentine's Day better than diving into a dessert together, and after sharing a deliciously romantic meal both of you will have taste buds craving something sweet. Chaophraya's exotic addition of mango, passionfruit and roasted almond is the perfect way to round up a lovey-dovey date night.

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