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  2. April Fools Day: 5 dishes you won’t believe we deliver
April Fools Day: 5 Dishes You Won’t Believe We Deliver

April Fools Day: 5 dishes you won’t believe we deliver

As it's April Fools Day, we thought we'd share with you some of the dishes that we almost can't believe we deliver. Feast your eyes on these (seriously, they exist)...

1. The Krispy Kreme Burger, Bagel Burger & Kitchen - Cardiff

No point beating around the bush with this one - it sounds exactly like what it is. Your garden-variety beef patty, American cheese, homemade relish (nothing too crazy here so far), all sandwiched by a sweet-glazed Krispy Kreme donut. If you love that elusive sweet and savoury combo then this one from Bagel Burger & Kitchen has to go on your list.

 2. Pig's head, Le Bab - London

Perfect for pushing your boundaries, this rare breed pig's head from Le Bab really nails the combination of exotic and a little scary. Like the Mona Lisa, the place where the eye should be seems to follow you around, and the more you look at it, the more you'll want to try it (trust me, I've been looking at it for ages). At least if you don't like it, you have something to leave in your flatmate's bed as a message to do the dishes next time.

3. Rub Dog Millionaire, Rub Smokehouse - Birmingham

There's actually a section on the Rub Smokehouse menu called The Insane Section, but the whole menu could pass for insane. Honourable mentions go to: Beat the Meat (a burger with two patties sandwiched between a chicken taco and a pork taco) and the Rub Dog Millionaire (as pictured above) - a half-metre long hot dog with cheese, pulled pork and jalapeños.

4. The Sunday Roast Burger, Handmade Burger Co - Manchester

Another simple concept, but don't knock it 'til you try it! A full Sunday roast sandwiched between two Yorkshire puddings, Handmade Burger Co gives you a roast dinner in a burger. Choose from Beef & Horseradish, Lamb & Mint or Chicken & Cranberry for a burger that feels like a restful Sunday afternoon, just without the looming, depressing presence of Monday morning or visiting family members. Has anyone ever come up with a more British burger?

5. Kangaroo stir fry, Khublai Khan's - Glasgow

So we do actually deliver kangaroo... introducing the kangaroo stir fry from Khublai Khan's. If kangaroos are too cute, you can earn your stripes (get it?) and try zebra instead. The exotic options don't end there - they also have sweet and sour zebra, kangaroo gyros and llama Thai green curry. Definitely worth a try if you're adventurous/want to be able to boast about all of the crazy things you've eaten.

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