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A Guide To The UK’s Tastiest Italian Antipasti Dishes

Fantastic Antipasti Dishes And Where To Find Them In The UK

Start your delicious Italian meal with an even better appetiser to get your tummy excited for what's to come. Sure, dough balls, breadsticks and the usual starters are great and all, but some of Italy's finest antipasti gems are served just around the corner here in the UK! Why go for the same old when you can have some of the best in town?

Italian cuisine is full of alluring dishes designed to hit every taste bud with deep satisfaction. Whether you're looking for a platter to share with friends or enjoy all to yourself, we've got your back. Check out our list of incredible Italian takeaway spots in the UK offering some of the most scrumptious antipasti platters around!

1. Antipasto di Teatro - A Little Taste of Italy

Sticking to traditional Italian rustic dishes, A Little Taste Of Italy in Glasgow whips up some incredibly exquisite dishes paired with excellent wines guaranteed to hit the spot every time. The Antipasto di Teatro is a marvellous way to begin your dining experience. On a tapas-style platter, you'll get a rainbow of flavour packed into mini bites to really get your appetite going. Sliced mozzarella balls, fresh olives and a small garden salad are only a few of the fantastic nibbles included in this supreme choice. Staying true to the flavours of Italy, this platter also includes a selection of prosciutto, salami, calamari, crunchy bruschetta and a popular addition, arancini - stuffed rice balls deep fried to a golden crisp. This ultimate combo makes for a truly uplifting antipasti starter to share.

2. Lemon & Garlic Chicken Piada - Wolf Italian Street Food

On your quest for divine Italian antipasti, Wolf Italian Street Food is a great place to start. With an insatiable passion for perfecting Italian cuisine, this spot allows you to fully customise your ideal platter. They offer home-style favourites such as the piada, a traditional Italian flatbread, which they roll into a wrap and stuff with flavourful ingredients. With a choice between diavolo, pomodoro, pesto or parmesan alfredo, add any of these yummy sauces to your tasty piada for a teaser before your Italian main.

3. Antipasto Della Casa - The Real Italian Pizza Co

Perfecting the art of wood oven-baked Italian favourites, Cardiff's The Real Italian Pizza Co has a knack for creating absolutely drool-worthy Neapolitan-style pizzas. They also offer a fantastic antipasti platter to get those juices going, the Antipasto Della Casa. A very popular sharing platter, the Antipasto Della Casa is truly the antipasti-lover's top choice. A blend of deliciously-cured Italian meats like ham and salami are mixed with mozzarella bocconcini cheese balls, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh olives. Several house specialities and freshly baked bread surrounding a refreshing tossed salad centre make for the perfect sharing platter to enjoy with friends!

4. Misto di Pesce - Little Italy Bistro

A place known far and wide for its authentic Italian dishes, Little Italy Bistro in Birmingham offers everything from hand-stretched pizzas to divine antipasti recipes that ensure a dining experience to remember. The Misto di Pesce is the perfect platter for anyone who craves seafood on the regular. Deep-sea delights such as freshly fried calamari, morsels of whitebait fish, king prawn and succulent mussels are gorgeously adorned over a bed of salad greens. A wonderful seafood starter to share (or keep to yourself), the Misto di Pesce is always the way to go.

5. Sapori d'Italia - Square Olive

Last but certainly not least, serving up rustic favourites in the heart of London is Square Olive. Their Sapori d'Italia is an absolute marvel and it's vegetarian-friendly too! Arancini, juicy aubergine, artichokes and marinated olives are mixed on a large platter with sweet peppadew peppers chock-full of savoury goat cheese and caramelised onions. The final addition of Sardinian pane carasau, a traditional flat-bread, makes this selection a must-try.

Grab your friends and get ready to dig right into any of these marvellous antipasti dishes, available only on Deliveroo!

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