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Anti-Festive Foods: Swap Turkey For These

Anti-festive foods: swap turkey for these

Turkeys are, like, really hefty. No matter how many cousins-once-removed you have round for Christmas dinner, there's ALWAYS an obscene amount of meat left. Not to mention grenade-like roasties and pongy sprouts. You've bravely splodged together a dozen dense 'festive sandwiches', but now you simply cannot look at another one.

Take a peek at our list of the most delicious, most NON-Christmassy meals to give you festive-food relief…

Swap turkey curry for jungle chicken curry


Made famous by Bridget Jones and surprisingly prevalent as a thing in general, turkey curry may be alright the first time around, but becomes positively heinous after a three day stint in the fridge. Swap this liquidy heresy for a Busaba Eathai jungle chicken curry (grilled chicken, Thai aubergine, bamboo shoot and French bean in a spicy red curry sauce) and be done with it.

Swap that dreadful 'cold cuts' situation for an Italian feast


You see an ill-conceived jumble of 'cold cuts', chutneys and other random stuff on the table for the fourth time and your heart sinks. Everything is so irredeemably dry that even the yuck sauces can do nothing to salvage the situation. Give up and order an Italian feast from Carluccio's. We recommend prosciutto, caprese salad, the giant green Sicilian olives and a bowlful of pappardelle con pollo.

Swap turkey and pickle sarnies for Hawaiian pork with pineapple pickle


Let's not give pickles a hard time, they do their damnedest to impart some flavour into the flavour-void which is a turkey sandwich. Shame they just make it taste like vinegar...very, very potent vinegar. Save yourself this hardship and order POND's pork with pineapple pickle.

Swap stuffing-eaten-out-of-fridge-with-hand for GBK The Don burger


Ain't NUTHIN' wrong with the activity of pawing up handfuls of stuffing whilst standing at the fridge, dressing gown and guilty face on. If it's good enough for Nigella... However, if you want something a bit less seedy, opt for GBK's The Don Burger.

Swap leftover pigs in blankets and smoked salmon blinis for pork belly steamed buns and tuna sashimi 'pizza'


Pigs in blankets are the one, obvy. As are smoked salmon blinis. But there's no denying, they get pretty weird in the fridge. Upgrade yourself to Kurobuta's pork belly steamed buns and tuna sashimi 'pizza' (yep, it's a thing), pronto!

Ready to swap turkey for something legit delicious? Find festive food relief on Deliveroo now.

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