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Find the Latest and Greatest in American Food Trends in London

Find the latest and greatest in American food trends in London

If you're looking for the latest twists on classic American cuisine, London's the place to be. With different restaurant chains and independent eateries all around the city, you're never far from a taste of the USA.

And don't think that London restaurants aren't staying abreast of the latest US food trends either; the burgers, fried chicken, barbecue, hot dogs and deli sandwiches served in the UK's capital are served with as much creativity and flair as in their sister restaurants in the States.

Try out these tasty examples of American food trends in your own city.

1. The Salt Beef Sandwich from Harry Morgan's

You used to have to go to New York to find authentic New-York style delis, but with places like Harry Morgan's now operating across London, it's not so far to travel! Take your pick from soups, sandwiches and bagels. Our favourite has to be the Salt Beef sandwich, which also happens to be one of the restaurant's most popular dishes.

2. The Mac and Cheese from Delisserie

Macaroni cheese has been a feature on almost every American restaurant menu for as long as anyone can remember, as both a main and a side. However, in recent years, mac n cheese has gone through a real renaissance and you can even find restaurants and bars that have only macaroni cheese and variations thereof on their menus.

With 21 different versions of mac n' cheese, Delisserie could be one of them, but the extensive menu includes all kinds of other dishes, from barbecue to fajitas, deli classics like Chicken Schnitzel Parmigiana, ribs, burgers and hot dogs. Try one of Delisserie's more exotic varieties or keep it simple by ordering the classic Mac N Cheese to accompany the rest of your meal.

3. The Mac Daddy Dog from Bubbledogs

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Everyone associates hot dogs with classic American foods, but the hot dogs from Bubbledogs make any you've had up until this point seem like a pale imitation in comparison.

The hotdogs are made from pork, beef or vegetables, but it's how they're served that makes them stand out from the crowd. they're kind of like the hot dog version of freakshakes, with extra toppings piled on the original dog. For instance, the Mac Daddy Dog comes dressed with mac n' cheese, bacon bits and crispy onions. And the Horny Dog is dipped in honey corn batter and deep-fried before being presented on a stick.

4. The Templeton from Goneburger

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Goneburger keeps its menu short, so while you might not need lots of time to flip through the choices, you have the reassurance of knowing that every dish will have plenty of attention paid to it.

Specialising in organic beef burgers, veggie burgers and pulled pork sandwiches, the Goneburger menu features signature house toppings such as chilli jam and sriracha chilli sauce.

Our pick is The Templeton - a vegan burger made with beetroot and butter beans, topped with vegan cheese, guacamole, salsa, chilli jam, lettuce & onion. For that extra bit of crunch, there are even tortilla chips thrown in!

5. Bodean's Famous Burnt Ends from Bodean's

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At first glance, you might not think "burnt ends" would make for the most appealing menu suggestion, but when you read a bit more about Bodean's Famous Burnt Ends, you realise that ordering this is the equivalent of picking off the best pieces of your mum's Sunday roast!

Order these and you'll get a plate of slow-smoked beef brisket chunks with a barbecue sauce. And on the side, fries and coleslaw. Yum!

6. Dirty Diner Double Cheeseburger from The Diner

When a restaurant has "Southern soul food" in its strapline, you know you're in for some comfort food cooking and that's exactly what you get at The Diner, in a setting that celebrates all things Americana.

Our top pick from The Diner menu is an all-American classic - the Dirty Diner Double Cheeseburger, though we're not sure what makes it dirty! It includes two 4oz beef burgers, which are dressed with Diner burger sauce, American cheese and pickles and served in a brioche bun.

Feeling like being part of a transatlantic dining trend? Order your favourite US food from Deliveroo.

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