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  2. Get a (carb) load of this - carbs to curb the cold!
Get a (Carb) Load of This - Carbs to Curb The Cold

Get a (carb) load of this - carbs to curb the cold!

Winter is officially here and it's a time that many of us ditch those diets and crave those carbs. Not only are they the ideal winter comfort food, they're delicious too. Nobody really does carby comfort food like the Americans, but you don't have to go all the way there to experience the very best. Luckily, London has plenty of American takeaways to keep you carb-aliciously cosy this winter.

Of course, the ultimate in American, stodgy munchies are burgers, and London have really stepped up their game with signature burgers in recent years! But don't forget all the other things that make carbs so amazing - pizzas, dirty fries, mac & cheese... and so much more.

1. Joe's Southern Table & Bar - Mac & Cheese

You may think you know Mac & Cheese, but you really don't know it at all until you've tried what they're offering at Joe's Southern Table and Bar. Not content with just one kind of cheese (that would get boring), their offering contains not two, not three, but four - all expertly blended for carb AND cheese overload. The macaroni's curly and the biscuit crust is crunchy, so this is a new twist on an old classic that won't go unwanted!

2. Dirty Bones - Deep Fried Mac Balls

Fried foods or Mac & Cheese - which would win in a comfort food fight? In fact, you don't even need to choose, you can have it all. Dirty Bones really do live up to their name, offering the dirtiest, naughtiest food in the very best meaning of the words. We love these Deep Fried Mac Balls, and so will you. Tallegio smoked cheddar, Dirty Bone's own sweet chilli sauce and macaroni all come together - deep-fried - to make the best creation imaginable. It's no wonder this dish is so popular - goodness gracious, great balls of macaroni!

3. Chicago Rib Shack - Mash & Gravy

Is there anything better than the humble potato? It's so versatile, it can be made into such an array of our favourite dishes. Mash potato gives us the best of it all - it's fluffy, light, and most importantly - it offers the carbohydrate-laden comfort that we really crave. Whipped together by Chicago Rib Shack and finished with a healthy dollop of gravy, it's the ideal side (or you can even have it on its own).


4. Homeburger - Mac Shack and Cheese

Homeburger knows how serious we all get about Mac & Cheese, which is why they mean business with it, too. Choose from the Mac Shack and Cheese on its own (which is more than enough), or choose to add bacon to it instead. Both are popular, and since each dish is twice baked for extra flavour, is that any surprise?

Americans may know how to do carbs well, but luckily, here at Deliveroo we do too! Order one of these carb-tastic stunners today.

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