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Deliveroo’s Most Amazing Doughnuts – Which Will You Try?

Deliveroo’s most amazing doughnuts

Don't know about you but we could stare at Instagram pics of doughnuts for days. Bakeries are going to town on their glazes, toppings, fillings and sprinkles – and we're loving them for it. We've picked some of the most snappable and scoffable doughnuts that you can order on Deliveroo. Seriously, take a look…

Kind-er a Big Deal, Doughnut Time – London, UK

Can you ever grow out of a Kinder Surprise? We can't. Brisbane's best export Doughnut Time has landed in London, and brought with it filled and glazed doughnuts like the Kind-er a Big Deal. They're loaded with all kinds of retro sweets, creamy fillings and throwbacks to their Australian roots – like the Golden Gaytime-inspired creation. This doughnut is definitely one for big kids to try. Not only is it topped with a full-on Kinder Egg but it's coated in a white and orange cream glaze then showered with confetti and 100s and 1000s. Thank you for this Australia, thank you.

A Doughnut Has No Name, Huckleberry's Doughnuts – Cork, Ireland

Our doughnut obsession reached new levels just looking at Huckleberry's A Doughnut Has No Name. These golden balls are dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with an Oreo crumb. But the best bit? Each one comes with an injection of gooey caramel that you can jab into the top and squidge into the middle before you take a bite. So sticky and so satisfying.

CrèmeBrûF***INGlée, Hoeked Doughnuts – Antwerp, Belgium

A ring don't mean a thing at Hoeked Doughnuts, as all their picture-perfect creations are square. Because no one could expect you to pick just one doughnut, you can buy these beauties in a box of nine. But do be on the lookout for the CrèmeBrûF***INGlée. It's made from raised brioche dough and filled with smooth vanilla cream. To finish off, it's topped with a glossy and crunchy layer of caramel that you'll want to crack into straight away – but only after you've snapped it for your Instagram story, of course.

Lotus Caramelised Biscoff, Krispy Kreme – London, UK

Can you remember when Krispy Kreme landed in the UK? We were first in line for their Original Glaze. But now you can get them delivered, you can choose your own dozen, without leaving your front door. And if you haven't tried it already, their Lotus Caramelised Biscoff doughnut should be one to add to your box. The creamy filling is infused with Lotus biscuit spread, iced with more biscuit spread, sprinkled with crumbs of the caramel cookie then topped with white chocolate shavings. And here's a little heads up, if you order Krispy Kreme on Deliveroo between 5th and 11th March, you'll get a box of Doughnut Bites for free.

Billionaire, Doughnotts – Nottingham, UK

Doughnotts goes all out on nostalgic flavours and sweet shop classics. When they're not filling or topping their doughnuts with entire chocolate bars – we're talking Kinder Buenos and Freddos – they're loading them up with creamy centres and biscuity toppings, just like on the Billionaire. Check out all that golden caramel, chocolate glaze and crumbly shortbread – it's the dessert and doughnut hybrid we've all been waiting for.

Strawberry, Donuttello – Antwerp, Belgium

This strawberry one from Donuttello looks like it was plucked right out of an episode of The Simpsons. That sticky pink glaze and all those rainbow sprinkles make it an absolute dream if you've got a sweet tooth. But, because one doughnut is never enough, you can order a box of twelve and mix and match your flavours.

Cronut®, Dominique Ansel – London, UK

Croissant meets doughnut – what's not to love? Dominique Ansel's iconic Cronut® was one of the most talked-about desserts when it launched in New York back in 2013. To keep reinventing one of his greatest creations, Dominique and the team change up the flavours every month, focusing on seasonality and ingredients inspired by each bakery's location. The Cronut® coming up on 1st March is all about fresh, fruity flavours, so be ready to try their Passion Fruit with Toasted Coconut Ganache – perfect for spring.

Anyone else really need a doughnut right about now? See what you can order near you on Deliveroo.

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