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Five of the most amazing afternoon teas for vegan

Five of the most amazing afternoon teas for vegans

Being vegan may be a great way to express your morals, but it can still be limiting when it comes to finding that perfect afternoon tea to indulge in. Yes, vegetarians might find it difficult, but for you, it's harder still.

Unless you know where to go, of course! With an ever-increasing number of eateries embracing veganism and trying to accommodate every customer, there are actually some amazing options springing up.    

Want to know where to find them? Well luckily, we've done the hard part for you and picked out our favourite vegan afternoon teas...

1. Anna Loka

Anna Loka was specially set up by head chef Adam to give vegans somewhere fantastically fancy to eat. Selling an array of amazing options for those who fancy an alternative afternoon tea, they have everything from pancakes through to Portobello mushroom wraps available for you to order. Our favourite pick from their menu, however, has to be their truly scrumptious Baked Beetroot, Apple, and Ginger Cake.  

2. Ms. Cupcake

We all love a cute little cupcake when we're feeling peckish mid-afternoon, so where better to go than a delicatessen that's specially dedicated to making these delicious desserts. Ms. Cupcake perfectly fits the bill, and it's good enough to cater to vegans too. If you want a super sharing option, order their Box of Six Vegan Cupcakes for a mouth-watering medley of sugary sweet treats.

3. Bubble Boba

If you'd like another eatery to add to your list of options, then Bubble Boba should suit. Specialising in refreshing teas made according to your individual preferences, they have a range of vegan-friendly drinks and desserts to choose from, from vegan mocktail fruit teas all the way through to Pistachio Macarons. The former are our particular favourites, with blueberry, strawberry, and passionfruit being our go-to picks.  

4. Bean There

If you want a slight twist on the traditional English afternoon tea, Bean There has just the thing. Offering a menu inspired by Mexican, Indian, and Moroccan cuisine, they serve both vegan-friendly wraps to tick off the sandwich element of this British institution, and desserts to meet the cake requirement. Were we the ones placing an order, we'd probably go for their Spiced Vegan Mince Wrap to give us our protein fix, followed by a Chocolate Flapjack.  

5. Moshimo Vegan

For another twist on tradition, how about trying a Japanese version of afternoon tea at Moshimo Vegan? Offering exclusively vegan options, this amazing eatery has a menu that will leave you spoilt for choice. If we were the ones doing the picking, we'd start with Miso Soup, deliciously served with tofu and spinach, before progressing to Matcha Green Tea Boho Gelato Ice Cream, to get our tea and sweet food fix in one.

Feeling peckish and in serious need of a mid-afternoon pick-me-up? Then click onto Deliveroo, choose whichever of these five fantastic places is nearest to you, and place an order. We promise you won't be disappointed.    

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