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Best Thai Restaurants in London

7 of the best Thai restaurants in London

Londoners can't get enough of Thai food. This southeast Asian cuisine has some of the most boldly aromatic dishes and complex flavours a diner can find, with everything from stir fries that are sweet, sour and spicy all at once, to curries that are creamy yet fragrant. Here are seven of the best across the city.

1. Busaba Eathai

With a philosophy of sookjai, which literally means 'to enjoy' and 'happy heart', the focus of this modern Thai eatery is purely on creating delicious food. The hot Thai Seafood Pasta is one of Busaba Eathai's signature dishes. Broken scallops, British mussels, juicy prawns and squid with wok-fried, flat egg noodle tossed in red chilli paste with Thai sweet basil and green peppercorn, it just pops with flavour.

Where: Busaba Eathai, 14 locations across London

2. Patara

Patara brings a contemporary take to fine Thai cuisine, with chefs blending eastern and western methods. It also adds a personal touch to their quality control as the restaurant's namesake, Khun Patara Sila-On, has overseen the Patara restaurants around the world for decades. Their seafood in curry sauce is the best of its kind, with seared scallops, fresh calamari, juicy prawns, egg, spring onion, Chinese celery in a mild curry sauce.

Where: Patara, 5 locations across London

3. Great Thai Restaurant

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Tom Yum soup is one of the quintessential dishes of Thai cuisine, and makes a good bellwether of how good a restaurant will be. So based on its Tom Yum, Great Thai Restaurant is, well, more than great. It's Thai street food with plenty of classics that you'll find here, and the Tom Yum, a hot and sour soup with mushrooms, fresh coriander and a hint of spice, is a must try.

Where: Great Thai Restaurant, Fitzrovia

4. Ekachai

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The founders of Ekachai set out creating a menu of their favourite childhood dishes. The result is a buzzing restaurant with a plethora of street style dishes from Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

The salt and pepper tofu is so tasty even the most ardent meat-lover will enjoy it. Classic Hong Kong style crispy tofu with salt, pepper, chilli, spring onion, sweet chilli dip, this is a dish that puts your taste buds first.

Where: Ekachai , 3 locations across London

5. East Street

True to its name, East Street brings together many Asian flavours including Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan. The spicy Thai curry noodles reveals the best of their slow-cooked and fiery dishes, with yellow noodles in a red curry sauce with succulent chicken, zesty ginger and garlic, fresh lime and red onions.

Where: East Street, Fitzrovia

6. Suksan Thai

Suksan Thai has an authentic menu that brings out one of the most difficult things to replicate in Thai cooking – a delicate network of spices and flavours that is robust and complex.

The luxurious Dhom Kha Talay is unmissable. It has succulent lobster meat, king prawns, fresh clams, squid and fish in creamy and fragrant coconut sauce with lime kaffir and galangal – similar to ginger except it is sharper and more citrusy.

Where: Suksan Thai, Chelsea

7. Khobkhun Thai Cuisine

No list of Thai restaurants would be complete without telling you where to find the best Pad See-ew. With stir fried flat rice noodles that suck up the flavour of egg, soy sauce and a mix of fresh vegetables, it's unrivalled in filling the stomach and satisfying the taste buds.

Where: Khobkhun Thai Cuisine, Kensington

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