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5 Exotic Vodka Desserts To Brighten Up 2018

5 Vodka Flavoured Treats To Brighten Up Your New Year

If you're already suffering from the January blues, you need something that's guaranteed to put a smile back on your face and luckily, we've got the perfect solution. These five indulgent treats - perfect for gorging on your own or sharing with friends - will give you the sugar rush you need to have fun in 2018.

1. Toffee & Vodka Ice Cream Shake - London

What better way to kick back and enjoy two of life's little luxuries – desserts and alcohol – than with an alcoholic ice cream shake from Cheers in Covent Garden, London? Their cocktail of smooth, creamy ice cream with the award-winning Thunder TOFFEE+VODKA liqueur creates a unique warming sensation that's incredibly moreish. What better way to chill out in front of the television than with a 120ml tub of this one-of-a-kind organic alcoholic ice cream that's available as an indulgent takeaway dessert!?

2. Ciroc Snap Frost Vodka - London

Whether you're pre-drinking at home with friends or hosting an indulgent night in with a partner, this decadent vodka from thebar.com in Ealing will really awaken the taste buds. Unlike most premium vodkas which are distilled from grain, Ciroc Snap Frost Vodka is distilled through sweet, vibrant grapes for a unique flavour that's equally as warming as other premium brands.

3. Bubblegum Flavoured Vodka - Ipswich

If you're someone who enjoys the odd tipple after the main course rather than a full-blown dessert, you'll be interested to note that vodka bar Revolution now delivers gift-boxed flavoured vodkas to customers! Their Bubblegum Flavoured Vodka comes in a 700ml bottle offering a candy-infused blast of the party spirit that's sure to wake you up. Their gift-boxed flavours also include Very Cherry and Pear Drop, making you feel like you're quite literally drinking the contents of an old-school sweet shop!

4. Absolut Mango - London

For those who don't enjoy drinking vodka neat, we thoroughly recommend Absolut Mango from Central Tipples in Central London's Soho district. They will deliver 70cl bottles of the stuff direct to your home and it's perfect as part of cocktails and when simply mixed with soda water or lemonade. With off-licences on Deliveroo, you no longer have to worry about those supermarkets closing early!

5. Kegelvich Melon Vodka - Chelmsford

Who knew that there'd come a time that we could get our favourite artisan alcohol delivered to the comfort of our own home? If you're planning a Friday or Saturday night in with your pals and you're looking for a fun and interesting spirit to sample, Worldwide Alcohol's Kegelvich Melon Vodka is an ingenious blend of pure grain vodka and melon, providing a subtle sweetness to counterbalance the warming effect of the vodka. Kegelvich also do an orange-flavoured vodka and both bottles feature 20% alcohol content.

Have these desserts and sweet drinks got your sweet tooth chomping at the bit? What are you waiting for? Start ordering takeaway desserts from Deliveroo today and get your sugar fix delivered straight to your door.

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