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  2. Gusto Di Mare – Seafood Specials From Shrewsbury’s Best Italian Restaurants
5 Superb Dishes From Shrewsbury’s Italian Seafood Restaurants

Gusto Di Mare – Seafood Specials From Shrewsbury’s Best Italian Restaurants

There's a reason why Italian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world and that's because it's so versatile. There's a dish to suit every appetite and every occasion. For instance, while you get some amazing meat dishes in Italian food, with the country's long coastline it's no wonder that seafood also forms an important part of the national menu. And the Italian seafood tradition has been transported across the world, with some the best seafood restaurants in the UK being Italian ones. We've taken a look at the menus of Italian restaurants in Shrewsbury, and rounded up our favourite seafood dishes for your delight.

1. Seafood Grill

For those times when you can't settle on which fish to have, a dish like the Seafood Grill at Loch Fyne is ideal. It's a delicious spread of different seafood including king prawns and scallops, salmon and bream. To accompany it, there are sautéed potatoes with hollandaise sauce and a side of lobster butter. With all that variety on one plate, it's no wonder this is one of the most popular dishes on the Loch Fyne menu.

2. Aragosta e Gamberoni

Pasta – the quintessential Italian dish and it works so well with everything – meat, veggies or fish! At ASK Italian, our top pasta pick is the Aragosta e Gamberoni, fitting neatly into the seafood theme. Lobster and king prawns are cooked in a tomato and cream sauce that's lightly spiced with a little chilli and served on a bed of fresh pasta.

3. Seabass Verde

Seabass is a fish that's rich in flavour and although it can be oven-baked, it's tastiest when it's cooked in the frying pan. For an authentic Italian vibe, try the pan-fried seabass fillets at Zizzi, which come with a salsa verde. For anyone who hasn't tried it, salsa verde is a combination of parsley, basil, chilli, lemon, olive oil and anchovies, whizzed up into a paste that can be used as a marinade or served as a condiment. It's a taste that is definitely different, but once it's hit your tongue it's likely you'll love it.

4. Merluzzo e Lenticchie

For a true taste of Italy, try Carluccio's pan-fried cod that's served on a bed of lentil and potato stew. Making this a balanced and nutritious plate, you'll get your greens in a portion of kale and a side of salsa verde. This dish may contain some similar constituent ingredients to cod and chips but it is a far cry from a soggy, battered and fried lunch!

5. Calamari

A feature of many Italian menus, and a great choice for anyone who wants just a taste of seafood in their meal, is calamari. At Pizza Express, the calamari is prepared in time-honoured fashion – lightly bread-crumbed and fried, and served with lemon, parsley and Caesar dressing. Close your eyes and you could be eating your calamari by a beach on the Italian coast!

Finding an Italian seafood dish that you fancy is never a problem – it's how to narrow down the choice when there's so much on offer at Deliveroo!

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