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Healthy Japanese Carbs to Keep You Feeling Full

Healthy Japanese Carbs To Help You Feel Fuller For Longer

It's that time of the year again where we feel the need to cut back on our guilty pleasures and adopt a healthier lifestyle. That's all well and good but it doesn't mean you have to sacrifice flavour for reduced calories. Japanese cuisine offers the perfect balance between taste and giving your body the nutrients it needs.

Japanese takeaways can be found serving authentic dishes all over the UK today, from Covent Garden to Coventry. Here are five restaurants that offer well-balanced meals, including those carbohydrates that you may have ordinarily cut from your everyday diet:

1. Ginza - Ichiban Bento

Bringing the authentic flavours of Japan to the people of Northampton, Ginza is now a household favourite in this Cambridgeshire town. One of their most popular dishes ordered is the Ichiban Bento which comes with a platter of sumptuous Teriyaki chicken, kimchi that's full of nutrients, mixed tempura and a side of miso soup. It's a very hearty meal and one that won't leave you feeling guilty once you've paid the bill!

2. Bonzai Sushi Bar - Sumo Sushi Platter

With restaurants in the heart of the East Midlands in Nottingham and Leicester, Bonzai Sushi Bar certainly knows a thing or two about creating mouth-watering sushi and sashimi. The presentation of their sushi is what really sets this place apart; it all looks so inviting and the fresh seafood provides a perfect protein hit. Their Sumo Sushi Platter allows you to delve deeper into the best that this place has to offer, with everything from California Maki to Nigiri and Futomaki, perfect for sharing with friends or loved ones.

3. Chozen Noodle - Green Thai Chicken

If you find yourself in the Paddington area of north-west London, make sure you give Chozen Noodle a try. Their fusion of classic Japanese, Thai, Malaysian and Chinese flavours brings the very best in Asian cuisine to your front door. With everything made fresh in-house, you can rest assured that all of the sauces and ingredients are supremely fresh and made by those with knowledge of the traditional methods of Thai cooking. Their Green Thai Chicken is warming and fragrant, perfect with a side of white or brown rice or noodles.

4. Pan Pan - Glass Noodles in Soup

We all know that the best way to learn and work hard is to eat the right foods. That's why Pan Pan set up camp in the shadow of Oxford University, creating pan-Asian delights for the city's university alumni. One of the most popular everyday dishes guaranteed to warm the cockles and tempt the taste buds is their Glass Noodles in Soup, available with spicy chicken, prawn dumplings, vegetables, spicy pork or bulgogi beef and all garnished with seaweed and roasted sesame. It's a wholesome, hearty dish that's guaranteed to keep your mind and body active in 2018.

5. SUSHINOEN - Yakiudon (Vegetable)

Sushinoen means 'sushi in a garden' in English and this Bethnal Green favourite hand-creates a huge range of delicate sashimi, sushi and elegant rice and noodle dishes. One of our favourites here is the vegetable Yakiudon, stir-fried in beautiful spices and flavours, providing a much-needed hit of nutrients and vitamins. They also do a great choice of vegetarian sushi sets that are so flavoursome you'll not even miss the seafood!

If you're interested to know the full list of Deliveroo's participating Japanese takeaways, delivering fresh and healthy sushi and sashimi to your door, click here.

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