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  2. 5 Of The Best Burns Night Afters For Your Scottish Celebrations
5 Of The Best Burns Night Afters For Your Scottish Celebrations

5 Of The Best Burns Night Afters For Your Scottish Celebrations

If it's your turn to host family and friends for Burns Night this year on 25th January, celebrating the life of Scotland's national poet, Robert Burns, you'll no doubt need a supper that's going to wow your loved ones.

It goes without saying that haggis will form the basis of your main course, but here are five excellent sweet afters and aperitifs that you could order to keep those Burns Night festivities flowing.

1. Scottish Special - Glasgow

The Crolla family have been creating their own authentic Italian gelato in Glasgow since the late 19th century. The founder's great-grandson is now the leader of the pack and is working hard to maintain a Scottish-themed dessert menu. Crolla Gelateria's Scottish Special, available as a coldstone or milkshake creation, features a Tunnocks teacake, a scoop of Scottish tablet and vanilla ice cream, dressed with vibrant sprinkles, raspberry sauce and whipped cream. It's a true taste of Scotland!

2. Toffee & Apple Sponge - Edinburgh

If you're looking for a Burns Night after that's a little denser, Coro Chocolate Café's Toffee & Apple Sponge will almost certainly suffice. With a gooey caramel centre and soft chunks of apple running right through the cake, it's a really sweet, stick and festive pudding. You can have your sponge served with a choice of ice cream, whipping cream or traditional vanilla custard.

3. Honeycomb Tiffin - Windsor

Café Copia in Windsor pays homage to the Scottish tiffin cake, which features crushed biscuits, raisins, cherries, cocoa powder and plenty of sugary syrup on top. It's also known as fridge cake. It derives from Troon in Scotland in the early 20th century and is delicious with an aperitif or a nice cup of artisan coffee. Café Copia's Honeycomb Tiffin is incredibly moreish, with the honeycomb blended into the crushed biscuits for an extra hit of sweetness.

4. Glenmorangie 18 - Haggerston

Are you wanting something a little special for your loved ones to drink on Burns Night? You can't go far wrong with an authentic Scottish whisky. This 18-year-old Glenmorangie from The Whisky Wall should sort you out for the evening. With a flowery fruitiness, delivering peach and orange notes and a smooth vanilla finish, it's a delightful after-dinner drink to be shared with family and friends on special occasions such as these.

5. Jam Rolly Polly & Plain Custard - Edinburgh

Another classic old-school dessert that's filling and extra-sweet, you can't beat a Jam Rolly Polly & Plain Custard from Edinburgh's Moody Cow. This indulgent flat-rolled suet pudding is filled with home-made jam and then steamed to perfection. It was one of the classic comfort food school dinners of the mid-20th century but is now making a real comeback along with other vintage afters such as spotted dick.

If you're planning Burns Night festivities with family and friends, don't forget to place an order with Deliveroo for some brilliant Scottish desserts to keep the celebrations going!

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