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5 Fab French Pastries For A Weekend Breakfast In Leeds

Five Leeds’ Breakfast Pastries To Make Saturday Morning Special

A pastry is a great choice for a lazy Saturday breakfast. Order with Deliveroo and you can even eat it in bed. The only work you'll have to do is getting rid of the crumbs when you're done! Pastries go as well with a freshly squeezed orange juice or smoothie as they do with a cappuccino or a hot chocolate. While kids might often favour the classic pain au chocolat, grown-ups might find it harder to choose which pastry to have – they're all so delicious. The good news is that plenty of Leeds breakfast menus include a selection of pastries that can be delivered to you.

1. Croissants Emmental Jambon

Let's start with a classic – the croissant. While most of us smear our croissants with jam or Nutella, they can also be the basis for a great savoury breakfast and that's exactly what you'll get with the Croissants Emmental Jambon from Le Chalet. Served warm, these buttery and flaky croissants are filled with ham and melted cheese. They're definitely in a different league to a ham and cheese toastie!

2. Chocolate and Almond Swirl

There's a wide choice of organic pastries at Le Pain Quotidien, Leeds' favourite Belgian bakery. For an indulgent Saturday breakfast, why not order a couple each – our favourite has to be the Chocolate and Almond Swirl, but then again there's also the Almond Croissant and the Pain Au chocolat... Perhaps the best idea is to order a few different ones to share!

3. Pain au Raisin

A perfectly baked pain au raisin is hard to beat when you hanker after something that's sweet, but not overly so. This spiral shaped pastry has a layer of creme patisserie, following the spiral and holding the raisins in place. Like most pastries, pain au raisin is best eaten warm. Ordering one of these from Pret A Manger for your Saturday breakfast will definitely hit the spot!

4. Brunch for Two

Sometimes, just one pastry won't suffice. And that's where the Brunch for two at Crepe Affaire is a perfect choice to share with a friend. Not only do you get a pain au chocolat, a croissant or a pain au raisin each, but you can also choose a crepe each from the menu and you'll both get a fresh orange juice to wash it all down. Making someone else a special breakfast has never been so simple - all you need to do is choose and click to order!

5. Pain Au Chocolate

The breakfast menu at All Bar One is pretty extensive and has a dish to suit every taste. If you're craving a French pastry to kick-start your day, go for the Croissant which comes with butter and jam or the traditional favourite French bakery treat – the Pain au Chocolat. Authentically baked to a golden shine, either of these will fit the bill for a celebratory Saturday morning brekkie!

Don't bother venturing into your own kitchen on Saturday morning. Order a special breakfast from Deliveroo and enjoy the extra lie-in!

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