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  2. 5 Best Dishes To Incorporate Ginger Into Your Detox Diet
5 Ginger Dishes To Help Your Detox Diet Along

5 Best Dishes To Incorporate Ginger Into Your Detox Diet

If you are trying to detoxify and get a little healthier, ginger should play a key role in your diet due to its anti-inflammatory properties, maintaining your gastrointestinal health and helping to manage your weight.

This spicy, delicious root is jam-packed with powerful compounds that can be enjoyed in a number of Asian and fusion dishes. Here are our picks of the best Chinese-influenced takeaway dishes up and down the country. And yes, of course they're all available on Deliveroo.

1. Ginger & Spring Onion Steamed Mussels - Henry's Cantonese

Henry's Cantonese is a family-run restaurant serving up authentic Canton dishes to the people of Birmingham for more than two decades. As such a long-standing fixture, you can expect delicious fresh food underpinned by recipes that are generations old. If you're feeling particularly indulgent, Henry's steamed mussels in a with ginger and spring onion sauce, which is a beautiful combination that is going to be a running theme of this article. It brings out the freshness and flavours of the mussels magnificently and should definitely be on your Chinese bucket list.

2. Sauteed Vegetables with Fresh Ginger Sauce - Culture Grub

Situated in the heart of Waterloo, Culture Grub specialises in western-style Chinese dishes, with stir-fries and noodles very much the order of the day here. Their Sauteed Vegetables with Fresh Ginger Sauce is a delicate dish and can be paired with a choice of meats, seafood and tofu. They also offer a Ginger & Spring Onion dish without the sautéed veg which can also incorporate anything from chicken and duck to squid and tofu.

3. King Prawns with Ginger & Spring Onion - Sanxia

Another popular Chinese restaurant in the thick of the action in south-east London's Deptford, Sanxia is particularly popular with king prawn lovers. They offer three delicious sauces to compliment their fresh king prawns, including a spicy Szechuan and Black Bean sauce, but their Ginger & Spring Onion sauce is delicate and again works perfectly with the light seafood flavours. If you're feeling like meat instead, their tender Beef with Ginger & Spring Onion is also a hearty, warming gingery dish.

4. Steamed Sea Bass with Ginger & Spring Onion - Bashan 

The subtle flavours of ginger and spring onion also work well when steaming fresh fish over time, allowing their fragrances to infuse into the flaky meat and skin. Bashan, a restaurant that's renowned for its authentic Hunan cuisine, steams Sea Bass with Ginger & Spring Onion, giving you a meaty dish that's balanced, light and incredibly moreish. It's not the only fish dish to feature ginger, with Clear-Steamed Pangasius, a freshwater fish native to south and south-east Asia, also benefiting from its fragrant inclusion.

5. Crab & Prawn Dumpling - Ping Pong

Ping Pong is a small but growing chain of Chinese restaurants specialising largely in premium-quality Dim Sum, cocktails and authentic, refreshing Chinese teas. Their light bites are all steamed to perfection and travel well in a delivery order. Our favourite Dim Sum here is the Crab & Prawn dumpling with a hint of ginger crammed into a juicy thin translucent pastry.

Discover the full list of Deliveroo's participating Chinese restaurants delivering fresh flavours of the Orient to your front door.

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