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  2. 5 Dishes That Prove Why Aubergine Should Play A Key Role In Your Diet
5 Dishes That Prove Aubergine Should Play A Key Role In Your Diet

5 Dishes That Prove Why Aubergine Should Play A Key Role In Your Diet

If you're looking to keep a lid on your calorie intake without sacrificing flavour, we've got five reasons why aubergine should feature heavily in a diet that's rich in fibre, vitamin and minerals. These five delicious aubergine-based dishes are available to be delivered directly to your front door at the touch of a button:

1. Aubergine Tagine

One of the most delicately flavoured vegetarian takeaway dishes you'll find is a Moroccan Aubergine Tagine. Comptoir Libanais specialise in authentic Lebanese cuisine with heavy North African influences. This slow-cooked stew is served with couscous or vermicelli rice and the soft aubergine acts as the perfect base for the rich tomato-based sauce, complete with chickpeas and a cooling mint yoghurt garnish.

2. Moroccan Pearl Couscous

Perfectly located for deliveries to homes and workplaces in and around the City of London, Jane Roe Kitchen is a restaurant specialising in indulgent comfort food. The brainchild of four Italians who met travelling Down Under, Jane Roe Kitchen's salads are particularly hearty, with their vegetarian Moroccan Pearl Couscous bursting with flavour, with dry apricots, sultanas, roasted aubergine and courgette for a true taste of North Africa.

3. Roasted Miso Aubergine

Camden is a veritable melting pot of culinary flavours and there's no place more eclectic than Mildred's. Their vegan and vegetarian dishes are packed with flavour, with no such thing as a boring mouthful. These guys also work well with aubergine, creating a unique side dish that acts as a perfect lunchtime snack or evening accompaniment. Their Roasted Aubergine with Miso is an Asian-inspired dish with fresh ginger and spring onion complementing the fiery heat of the miso. It would go perfectly with a fresh side of noodles for an extra protein boost.

4. Halloumi Burger

Specialists of burgers handmade from the finest beef, incorporating a blend of rib cap and dry-aged chuck, Spielburger is rapidly becoming a household name in London and beyond. They also cater impressively for vegetarians too, with their well-balanced Halloumi Burger a particular favourite inside their soft brioche buns. The salty halloumi combines well with the sweetness of the aubergine and roasted peppers and the heat of the harissa mayo.

5. Roasted Aubergine with Saffron Yoghurt, Pomegranate, Pine Nuts & Basil

Ottolenghi's Middle Eastern-influenced salads and sweet treats keep the people of East London coming back for more. Their great-value lunchtime salads are extremely popular and their Roasted Aubergine salad, topped with fragrant saffron yoghurt and pomegranate seeds, pine nuts and basil makes for an intriguing dish with every mouthful providing something different for your taste buds.

If you're interested to discover the full list of Deliveroo's participating restaurants that dabble in delicious aubergine dishes and other vegetarian delights, click here.

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