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5 Best Fried Chicken Burgers

5 of the best fried chicken burgers

These days, you're just as likely to find buttermilk fried chicken between your brioche buns as you are beef. From the street food scene to the high street, it seems the UK just can't get enough of gourmet crispy chicken burgers. But where you can find some of the very best? Here are our five burgers to order first.

1. Tower Block Burger, MEATliquor

Now serving up their CHICKENliquor specials from all their restaurants, don't waste any time trying MEATliquor's Tower Block Burger. A perfectly crisp fried chicken fillet is stacked high with cheese, hash brown, jalapeños, onion and Russian dressing.

Where: MEATliquor, various locations

2. The Clucky, Byron

Byron offers some of the simplest burger styles that still manage to blow you away. With their chicken collection, it's the same story. Take the Clucky. A fried chicken breast is smothered with chunky guacamole and sriracha mayonnaise, all tucked inside a bouncy glazed bun. Topped with picked red onions, sliced pickles and a little iceberg, you get the best blend of fiery heat and soothing cool.

Where: Byron, various locations

3. Buffalo burger, Otherside Fried Chicken

Street market success Otherside Fried are all about dirty, saucy chicken burgers. With the Buffalo burger, find classic fried chicken topped with both hot and ranch sauce, crunchy lettuce and tangy pickles for a sauce-smothered sensation.

Where: Otherside Fried Chicken, London

4. Liberty Island, Almost Famous

Some like it hot. Some like it off the chart. At Almost Famous, you can have either. But for us, their Liberty Island burger has the perfect balance. Buttermilk fried chicken meets tongue tingling jalapeños and punchy red onion, but is cooled down with smashed avocado and creamy mayo.

Where: Almost Famous, various locations

5. Hot Chic, Patty & Bun

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Patty & Bun are a firm favourite with Londoners. But they're not all about that beef. Their 'Hot Chic' chicken burger is one of the most popular burgers on the whole menu. Featuring juicy fried buttermilk chicken, the Hot Chic is topped with crunchy coleslaw, zingy pickled cucumber, lettuce and a smoked garlic aioli.

Where: Patty & Bun, eight locations across London

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