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Sunday Lunch: 4 Roasts With A Twist

Sunday lunch: 4 roasts with an extra something special

As soon as Sunday hits, we're all about those indulgent long lunches with our favourite people. It's a British tradition that nothing tops. But there might be a way to give your beloved Sunday roast a bit of a makeover. Whether you're looking to order in for friends and family, or treat yourself to lunch for one, these new takes on a classic Sunday lunch should give you food for thought.

1. Lamb Dip with Mint Sauce, Dip & Flip

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Us Brits love American-style burgers. But we also adore old-fashioned Sunday roast with all the trimmings. So, how are we supposed to choose? Thanks to Dip & Flip, you can order both at once. Their Dips are gravy-laden sandwiches, combining two of our favourite ways to eat meat. Get tender beef or lamb, served on bespoke bread rolls and topped with extra condiments. The roast lamb is our favourite, and comes with plenty of mint sauce and oodles of gravy.

Where: Dip & Flip, two locations in London

2. Sunday Spit Roast Dinner, Spitroast

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Traditionally, a roast chicken is cooked in the oven and basted endlessly to achieve that signature tenderness. But Spitroast cook it rotisserie-style, letting the fat drain off as it roasts for leaner, cleaner meat. Their grown-up Sunday dinner is one of the most popular options on the menu, pairing their home-cooked meat with roast potatoes, sweet potato mash, rosemary-spiked peas, sticky glazed parsnips – and, of course, plenty of thick chicken gravy.

Where: Spitroast, Liverpool

3. Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, The York Roast Co

The clue's in the name here – The York Roast Co are all about Yorkshires. They serve souped-up sandwiches with sliced roast meat and all the additions, but there's a reason their filled puds timelessly top the faves list. A giant Yorkshire pudding is stuffed to the brim with fluffy roast potatoes, stuffing and seasonal veg and topped with your chosen meat and sauce. Whether you're a turkey and cranberry, ham and mustard, beef and horseradish or pork and apple kind of person, find your meat spilling over the sides and drenched in glorious gravy.

Where: The York Roast Co, various locations

4. Vegan Roast, 222 Veggie Vegan

Meat eaters shouldn't have all the fun. 222 have taken this to heart, so they offer up vegetarian and vegan versions of all your favourite staples – as well as a few new ones of their own. Their Vegan Roast is an animal-free version of the classic. Pile up your plate with roasted vegetables, plenty of soft steamed beans and fragrant potato-and-parsnip mash, then pour over the herby onion gravy for that finishing touch.

Where: 222 Veggie Vegan, London

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