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Treat Yourself To One Of London’s Most Decadent Chocolate Desserts

The Best Chocolate Desserts For When You're Craving Something Sweet

Chocolate is a go-to treat for many of us. It can cheer you up if you're feeling blue and it can give you that little bit of sweetness you need after a meal, or with a cup of coffee. It's also great to eat on your own or to share with friends. But why just settle for a few squares of a chocolate bar, when you can treat yourself to any number of delicious chocolate desserts and treats and get them delivered? We've put together a list of our personal favourites for a chocolate fix in London at any time of the day.

1. Crostata Nutella

Take yourself on a nostalgic trip to childhood by ordering a slice of Crostata Nutella from Princi. Maybe you've never tasted crostata – an Italian sweet pastry baked pie, a little similar in appearance to the Bakewell tart we all know and love. But the Nutella filling is something with which most of us are well-acquainted. Nutella's not just for spreading on toast and pancakes though; this hazelnut chocolate spread makes for a delicious filling in luxury pastries like crostata.

2. Chocolate mousse with a honeycomb shot

If you're looking to add some chocolate treats to an afternoon tea spread, we'd recommend ordering the box of chocolate mousses from The Dessert Deli which come with honeycomb mini dessert shots. Perfectly formed and beautifully presented, these four chocolate mousses give you the exquisite taste of chocolate in a size that means you can leave room for other sweet things alongside them!

3. Chocolate éclair

Of all the different patisserie treats that France has created, there's one that maybe stands out above the rest. And that's the chocolate éclair – available almost everywhere today. For the real deal, though, it's best ordered from the experts, and by that we mean the chefs who work at Dominique Ansel. Made with traditional French patisserie skills and their own personal flair, these éclairs are the definition of culinary decadence! Choose between the classic style or the Salted Caramel one, if you fancy a twist on a classic favourite.

4. Strawberry Choc Indulgence

Maybe you love chocolate but want to feel a little virtuous when you're eating it? Fresh fruit always helps in these situations. Try the Strawberry Choc Indulgence waffle from Creams in Whitechapel. Yes, it's a waffle drizzled with chocolate sauce and then covered in shavings of chocolate, but there are some strawberries in there too – healthy, right? Ok, maybe not quite, but we're sure you'll enjoy eating it...

Of course, these are just a few of the amazing chocolate treats that London has to offer. Make your choice and order now with Deliveroo!

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