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4 Eggs-tra Special Shakshuka Dishes for Breakfast

Shake up your breakfast eggs and try a shakshuka

Shakshuka has long been a popular breakfast dish in North African and Middle Eastern cooking and now you can enjoy this way of eating eggs for breakfast – or, for that matter, at any time of the day! There are numerous versions of shakshuka, with each chef adding their own special twist. But the usual way to prepare it is by baking or poaching eggs in a sauce of tomato, chilli and onions, usually spiced with cumin. In Turkish cuisine, the same dish is called Menemen, not to mention there's also a Mexican version – huevos rancheros. Let's take a look at the some of the best versions of egg shakshuka around the UK.

1. W&B Shakshuka

One of the most frequently ordered items on the breakfast menu at Whyte & Brown is the W&B Shakshuka and it's easy to see why. Their version of the traditional Middle Eastern breakfast dish combines the flavours of baked eggs, feta and avocado with a spicy tomato and pepper sauce, placing savoury sourdough on the side. One serving of W&B Shakshuka and your average Saturday morning fry-up will pale into insignificance!

2. Fried Eggs cooked in Spicy Tomato Sauce

The Beetroot Deli in Cowley follows the huevos rancheros tradition a little more than the Middle Eastern shakshuka, frying rather than poaching eggs in a spicy tomato sauce. They don't go quite so far as to serve up their huevos served on corn tortillas, sticking to a comforting side portion of toast and butter – but believe us, this will come in handy when you want to mop up all that delicious sauce. Close your eyes and you could be eating this dish around a campfire somewhere near Santa Fe!

3.  Shakshuka pizza with Chorizo

You might not expect to find a shakshuka dish at a bakery, but Pinkmans in Bristol have it on their menu. Instead of being served in a bowl with bread on the side, the shakshuka here is a pizza topping, accompanied by slow-roasted peppers, chorizo and an egg. It's shakshuka served Pinkman-style! Like everything else at Pinkmans bakery the shakshuka pizza is made from scratch on site. Most shakshuka are vegetarian but if you want meat to feature in your breakfast egg dish, then this is the one to go for!

4. Homeshuka

We're getting back to shakshuka roots with Middle Eastern Café Loren, but still adding to the wild shakshuka variety we've seen so far. Pretty much the whole menu is dedicated to the dish – and the Homemade Shukshaka section (a.k.a. the "Shukashack") has more than ten different versions, including a seasonal shakshuka that changes daily. Our pick of the pile, though, has to be the Homeshuka – made to "Granny's Recipe". You get the usual poached eggs in a roasted pepper, onion and tomato sauce, but it's served on a bed of hummus and drizzled with tahini with fresh bread on the side. This one nails comforting, homely breakfast eggs.

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