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  2. From Classic Korma To Tasty Tandoori, York’s Best Halal Restaurants Won’t Leave You Wanting
4 York Halal Restaurants With Tasty Chicken On The Menu

From Classic Korma To Tasty Tandoori, York’s Best Halal Restaurants Won’t Leave You Wanting

As vegetarian cuisine, organic ingredients and free-range food become more popular, so too does halal food. Though halal food is most widely recognised as food that can be eaten by followers of Islam, it is actually available to everyone and sets many great examples for the food industry as a whole. For instance, halal restaurants in York must ethically source their meat and their dishes cannot contain any animal by-products or be overly processed. These days, you can find a halal version of almost everything from typical Middle Eastern cuisine to takeaway kebabs. One halal ingredient that is particularly easy to find is chicken, so we thought we'd take a look at the halal restaurants around York that serve this tasty treat.

1. The Raj – Special Chicken Chaat

As one of York's leading, old school classic curry houses it's no surprise that The Raj offers a wide range of cuisine options, many of which are made with halal meat. In fact, The Raj is one of the most popular Halal restaurants in all of York. One halal chicken dish they have on offer is their Special Chicken Chaat: succulent, shredded chicken marinated in a mouth-watering sauce that isn't too spicy to handle and is accompanied by two puris. Order a side of one of their many rice dishes – the coconut rice is particularly tasty – and you're good to go.

2. Bombay Spice – Korma

Over at Bombay Spice, they are celebrated for their incredible, diverse range of cooking traditions that are all taken from a variety of Indian regions. With so much inspiration, it's no surprise that the menu at Bombay Spice is so huge, which is good news for you as there are dozens of different dishes to choose from. Still, if you want to stick with something you know while still ensuring you're getting a top-notch dish, you may want to opt for the chicken korma. Marinated in coconut and almond curry, with speciality herbs and spices mixed in, Bombay Spice's chicken korma is a true, traditional dish.

3. York Tandoori – Tandoori Butter Chicken

While other halal restaurants in York devote their time and recipes to creating a diverse menu representing entire nations, some have chosen to focus on and excel at one specific cuisine. This is the case over at York Tandoori, where their vibrant classics are all inspired by Bengali recipes passed down for generations. Having opened in 1993, it is absolutely certain that each Bengali dish they serve has been perfected, which is absolutely the case with their Tandoori Butter Chicken. Served with creamy butter, almonds, succulent sultanas, lamb, prawns, mushrooms and egg, this halal chicken dish is on a whole other level. Of course, if you consider prawns haraam, the restaurant will be happy to remove them from the dish.

4. Jinnah – Chicken Biryani

As far as curry chains go, few can beat Jinnah when it comes to variety. Though many are taken from the sub-continent, their recipes cover almost the entirety of Asia even going as far as South Asian specialities such as an Afghani curry and a Nepalese style dish. For those who simply want a good halal chicken dish, we recommend the traditional chicken biryani, cooked to perfection with fluffy basmati rice, herbs and spices. Their mix of herbs and spices seems to be a secret, but there's no doubt they create a popular dish that is incredibly tasty.

So, next time you fancy a true authentic halal chicken dish, look no further than these four York restaurants. They have plenty of dishes to choose from so you will never run out of options.

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