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Chinese Restaurants in Edinburgh

4 barry Chinese restaurants in Edinburgh

Let's face it – when anyone utters 'let's get a Chinese' you feel both excited and comforted in anticipation of what's to come. Spring rolls, bursting stir fries, sticky sweet and sour sauces – it's just unbeatable. So for those times when only Chinese will do, here's a few places for you to get to know.


Taking inspiration from the open air food stalls in Hong Kong, DAIPAI is fast, fresh and authentic. What they do here is really a celebration of Asian cuisine, of the flavours, the ingredients, the traditional cooking methods. While they go all out with their fusion creations like the sushirrito – a sushi burrito – you can't beat their classic Chinese dishes. We love the Hong Kong Roast Char Sui for those rich, unforgettable BBQ flavours.

 Where: DAIPAI, University of Edinburgh

 2. Saiko Kitchen

If you like your eats as authentic as they come, Saiko Kitchen is the place for you. Serving up pan Asian goodies that you'd find on street food scenes across the continent, they take their dishes seriously here. You'll see all sorts on this menu, from the Vietnamese banh mi to steaming bowls of pho and – of course – some classic Chinese treats. For us, it's the Singapore Noodles every time, where mildly spiced vermicelli noodles are wok fried with egg, spring onion and beansprouts.

Where: Saiko Kitchen, Bruntsfield

3. Redbox Noodle Bar

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Sometimes when you have a craving for something specific, you just won't be satisfied with anything else. Noodles are one of those hankerings, and at Redbox Noodle Bar you're in safe hands. The concept is simple but winning – choose your noodle, meat, vegetable and spice and have it made to order. This DIY approach means you can get the noodles of your dreams, every single time.

For a thick and hearty noodle box experience, try the stringy egg noodles with chunks of succulent chicken and a vegetable medley of crunchy broccoli, julienned carrots and sweet baby corn. And you can add on a few snack boxes too, so stock up on the chicken wings tossed in spice, salt and chilli, or go for the Chicken Skewers, served up with a satay sauce.

Where: Redbox Noodle Bar, University of Edinburgh

4. Fusion Gourmet

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Variety is the name of the game here – a menu bursting with a wide array of regional specialities using meat, chicken, fish and vegetables is waiting for you. Try an exciting and flavoursome bowl of braised beef with a gloopy and rich black bean sauce, a side of fluffy rice and vibrantly green stir-fried fine beans with spicy sprinkles of dried chili. Don't be surprised if you feel like booking tickets to Beijing after you finish the final mouthful.

And we wouldn't blame you if, in the face of this packed menu, you'd struggle to decide what to go for, but luckily the Chef Specials are here to help. The Hot And Spicy Pot, with mixed veggies, seafood and meat is a great choice.  

 Where: Fusion Gourmet, Old Town

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